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Introduction to precision hardware processing
release time:2021-08-14 15:53:39Views:

The continuous and good development of my country's machinery, especially the development of plastic packaging machinery, has led to the development of precision metal processing such as coring poles and chrome rods. Today, I will talk about some knowledge about them.

       Precision metal processing has ushered in the golden period of development in the export market, especially in developing countries. Due to the relative lag and overall aging of the machining industry in developing countries, there is a widespread demand for imported tools and metal stamping products. Hardware stamping products merchants quickly seized this great opportunity and gradually adopted trade agreements and exchanges. It has opened up a huge export market and trading business.

       The simplest way of precision metal processing is to cut the punch first. When all the holes in the male clamp and stripper are equipped with punches, it is best to tap them in with a small hammer. In this way, the technician during assembly will not be so tired, and quick disassembly can be realized when making precision molds. When the lower die hole is punched, 4% of the punched material can be placed on one side. It is a real number when blanking. When the die is a punching die, you should pay attention to whether the material thickness is in the upper die or the lower die.

       It is not necessarily the manufacturing of precision machinery that is the difficulty. In fact, a small precision metal processing is also very knowledgeable.